Saturday, June 23, 2012

We will hold our blessings soon, what about Yours!?!

I will be leaving to go get our blessings on July 13th.  There are many more blessings waiting.  No one has claimed them as their blessings yet.  Until you step forward and claim them, they are lonely orphans in the eyes of this world.  We as Christians have to claim them as blessings made by God and worthy of love.  They aren't just a face on a computer screen!  These are REAL flesh and blood children who are hurting, alone, hungry, in need of hugs, and forgotten.

So here are some of the blessings waiting to be claimed and their worth declared!

Micah is a gorgeous 2 year old little boy who has Down Syndrome!!!!

Payton is an almost 8 year old VERY tiny little boy.  He is only 17 pounds, even at almost 8 years old!  Oh how he needs to be claimed as a blessing!!!

Gemma is an almost 5 year old TINY little girl.  She is only 18 pounds!  She needs a Mama to love her and claim her as the blessed daughter she was put on this earth to be!

Penny is 11 years old and only weighs 21 pounds.  She needs a family to claim her as the blessing she is and get her out of that crib!

Carmen is either 10 or almost 10 years old.  She is delayed in her development.  She needs a family to show her what a treasure God made her as!

Now, there are 5 blessings, who don't even know it yet.  They need YOU to help them find their place in God's family and maybe even in yours.

Don't pass up this chance!

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  1. Hubby and I will be committing after we move to a two or three bedroom place. We can't wait.