Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Fast Blessings

Paula's file had been held by someone else.  We had to wait to see if they would adopt her or return her file.  I prayed that if they were farther along in the process and could get her out of that institution faster than us, that they would choose to adopt her.  They did not choose to adopt her though. 

We found out Tuesday that her file was available and received commitment paperwork to get done for her ASAP.  We went Tuesday and got her commitment papers notarized.  Brent them took them to the County Clerk of Courts and had them certified.  He immediately ran to the post office and sent them the fastest delivery method to the Secretary of State to be apostilled.  That all happened on TUESDAY!

The papers were to be delivered to the Secretary of State on Wednesday.  We included a self addressed stamped envelope as you are suppose to do.  We made sure that it was a "next day delivery" as well.  We received it back on SATURDAY!  That is amazingly fast for anything to do with the government!

We got it out of the mail box on Saturday around 1pm.  Brent immediately took them to UPS because they closed at 2pm.  We mailed them the fastest possible route with a tracking number.  (Amazingly enough the cost was over $145!)  They are set to arrive in the specific country on Wednesday! 

I love it when things happen in such a timely manner.  I worry about USCIS.  I know it can take a long time.  My biggest fear is that Paula won't hang on.  Her situation makes me so nervous.  She is in a "laying room" type of situation and can't really do anything.  I fear that we'll run into a delay that makes things to slow and she won't live for us to bring her home.  I pray every night until I fall asleep begging God to help her to hold onto some inward hope and help her feel His love to keep her going. 

Pray for her.  Pray that USCIS will go quickly.  We should be ready to submit to them by the end of February or beginning of March.  God has an exciting plan that we are thrilled to be a part of!

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