Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Login and Acceptance

We got our login and our acceptance email for About A Child today.  :)  That means we can start doing our online education ours for the Hague adoption training we have to have.  That also means that they received our payment and have officially accepted us with their agency.  That is good stuff.

Waiting and thinking are hard things.  I have to stop my mind a thousand times a day.  It wants to wonder what my little ones in Eastern Europe are doing.  When it goes there I feel sick.  I wonder if they have had enough to eat.  I wonder if their diapers were changed.  I wonder if they did anything today.  I wonder if Paula has been out of her crib at all. 

These are among the many things that make my heart hurt.  I have a very clean house.  I have been nesting for our little Cody to come home for lots of months already.  He still isn't home and now I'm nesting for 4 more.  I am starting to run out of things to "clean" and "sort".  You would think that to not be possible since there are 14 people living here already.  It is possible though! m

I listened to Julianne laughing today and wondered if my others had anything to laugh about.  I pray that God gave them peace and love in their hearts today.  I pray that He puts it their tomorrow.  I pray that He puts hope in there with the love and peace.  I pray that He helps them to know somewhere deep inside that Love is coming for them.  I pray that they somehow can hope for a family when they have never had one.  I pray that they can find peace in knowing from God somehow that we are out here loving them and trying to love them all the way home as soon as possible. 

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