Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ahnja's Site Introduction

I wanted everyone to be able to know a little about the kiddos in Eastern Europe that we are adopting.  I won't share their info from the files I have received, but I thought I'd share their info from the public Reece's Rainbow site here where those following or checking in can find it easily and get to know and love them like we do.  :)  Here is the info on Ahnja that we first saw on the site:

Girl, DOB: April 01, 2002
 Main diagnosis: Down syndrome
Ahnja is currently living in a group home setting with 2 other children. She can count to 10, identify all major colors and recognize all her letters. She likes to draw, color and play with blocks. She enjoys interacting with other children and exhibits pretend play skills. She enjoys music and likes to sing. Her favorite activity is playing with dolls. She is toilet trained and can feed and dress herself. She likes to put the toys and clothes in order and enjoys helping clean. Her receptive language skills are excellent. She talks and her clarity is improving.
She receives speech therapy and attends a mainstreamed preschool in the local community.
Additional photos are available.

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