Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Sure They are In Bed

Eastern Europe is about 6 or 7 hours ahead of us.  That means that my little ones are asleep over there.  It is so hard knowing they went to bed without a mommy to kiss them goodnight.  They probably have never had a bedtime story. They've never had lots of doting brothers and sisters to tell them goodnight.  They've NEVER HAD A FAMILY. 

I love them all so much.  It is so hard to sit here with no control over how they are or what their days and nights consist of right now.  Children need to be hugged, kissed, and loved.  I can't do any of that for them.  I pray daily that even their basic needs are met.  I beg God to hug them for me.  I beg God to make this process fast. 

I've given birth to one child.  I had a horrible hard pregnancy.  We had already planned to adopt and had our 1st little girl home before Dayton was even born.  We decided that we would adopt all the rest of our children. 

I can honestly say though, that pregnancy and child birth were both easier.  I currently have 5 children who I can't hold.  They aren't safely tucked away inside me awaiting their grand entrance.  They are scattered all over and there is no way for me to get them home any faster.  Paula is not in good shape and is emotionally shut down on top of not talking or walking.  I can't help her! 

God is teaching me a lot about trust and faith.  I am going to have to depend on Him for every second of this or else I will go insane.  This is definitely the "front seat of the school room". 

God, they are in Your Hands.  Please keep them safe, help them feel love, and bring them to me soon.

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  1. I am praying that you get there soon to bring these precious babies home!