Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Really Cool Giveaway!!!

Ok, so I have a really great prize that was donated and so I am going to add to it and make a really great giveaway!!  The last pieces of our dossier have been mailed to our children's country and will arrive in just a few days.  We need to get all our funds in place, so I can go on trip #1 to visit our 3 children!!  Will you help!!  There are 10 prizes up for grabs here, plus a whole other giveaway you can be a part of while you help!!!

So here are the prizes:

1. We have the entire What's in the Bible with Buck Denver series!  That is Volumes 1-10!!!  This is the best dvd series ever for kids and honestly has everyone in our house excited every time a new episode comes out.  They are so wonderful there that when I told them about our adoption and fundraising needs, they donated the WHOLE 10 DVD SET!!  This set retails for $129.99 and even more if each is bought separately!  We are so thankful for their help and generosity!!  They also are letting us raise money towards our adoption as affiliates, so you can shop with them and help our adoption anytime at this link:  SHOP HERE

2. We have a $100 giftcard or donation to waiting child or adopting family of your choice!!  The winner of this will let me know if they prefer a giftcard to Walmart or  child or family on Reece's Rainbow to recieve the $100 once the giveaway ends!

3. VEGGIE TALE PACK #1:  This is a package of Veggie Tales DVDs
4.  VEGGIE TALE PACK #2:  This is this package of Veggie Tale DVDs
5.  VEGGIE TALE PACK #3:  This is for a package of  "I Can Read" books

6. VEGGIE TALE PACK #4:  This package of Veggie Tales Lesson Books

7.  The newest Veggie Tale movie can be added to your collection!
8 and 9!!  We are going to order and give away two copies of Volume #10 of What's in the Bible!!  This is seriously the very best presentation of the Bible ever and it is our pleasure to give it away.  Your children will experience God's love for them with an explanation that they will understand and will leave them in awe of His love and Christ's sacrifice.  

10.  I am going to order a What's in the Bible Volume #1 for someone else to start their collection just for  SHARING THIS GIVEAWAY!  So you help us get started with our giveaway and we'll help you get started with your What's in the Bible collection!  (For this part of the giveaway all you need to do is share and comment to tell me where you shared to be entered!!!)

Entering is easy as 1, 2, 3!  1)Just donate towards our adoption at our FSP:  CLICK HERE 
                                          2) Email me your receipt from that donation to
                                          3) If you want to be a part of the share gift then share this and comment!

For every $5 you donate to our adoption fund you will receive one entry into our giveaway, so the more you help us the more chances you have to win!!!!  

THEN, if you would like a chance to win LOTS of extra prizes (over $5,000 worth!!!) go see how you can enter Mulligan Stew as well!!  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN BE ENTERED THERE!   This is a really great giveaway and Casey is one of the orphans that is listed there that you can give money toward.  If you donate to him, send that receipt to  for an extra entry into my giveaway as well.  

Please pray that things will move quickly with the process! The last pieces of our dossier is on its way to the children's country.  Most of our dossier is already there and translated.  We are getting so close to trip #1!!!! Aleshia will be having Open Heart surgery on June 6th, so I really need to do this trip #1 in May!  Matthew there is in such horrible condition, so I really need to get to him quickly as well.  We really need our FSP to read around $9,000 for this first trip.  Can you help us get there???    This Giveaway will go until the 20th of April!!!  


  1. Shared your giveaway on my blog.
    Ivy Adams

  2. Hi! I shared it here, but I already have the first 7 what's in the Bible, so you can give that to someone else. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever have a raffle or giveaway to support adoption or any other good cause in the future, than I would love to help you share it again, and you can submit it in the "submit a giveaway" link in my sidebar.

  3. Shared on facebook!!!!!! Let's get those kids home!!!