Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our paperwork was submitted yesterday!!  I should travel soon to meet the kids.  I am trying to get things ready to go.  Aleshia (just came home in July) has a sedated ECHO and surgeon appointment April 30th.  Brent will stay here with the kids for this trip and a nurse friend and another friend will go with me.  We need to get a lot of info, especially about Matthew for this trip.  His contractures, tiny size (18lbs at age 9), and lack of stimulation in that crib are going to make travel home very difficult for him.  It is important to get measurements and information to have proper equipment for travel home for him.  We also want to spend lots of quality time with all three learning about what they like, dislike, and what motivates and calms them.  We need to learn about their personalities and get to know them the best you can in just 9 visits! 

Please pray for me as I prepare for the trip!

Please visit my friend's blog as she has a fundraiser going to help with funds for the adoption right now.  You can click HERE to go and have an opportunity at SEVEN ipads and other electronics.  In the meantime you are helping us get to the kids.  You can also see the first pictures we ever saw of the 5 we brought home in July and then their updated pictures and ready a little more about how this how journey began and the three we are going for now.  Don't miss it!!  I'll try to get another picture post up soon.  Make sure to scan below for some updates on the kids that I got up last week if you haven't seen them yet! 


  1. When I was reading a re-post of the giveaway on my mom's blog (allarepreciousinhissight.blogspot.com), my heart stopped when I saw his face. The face of the sweet little boy I had stormed heaven for and had almost given up hope for. A while back, I saw sweet Thad's picture and story on another blog and my heart was broken. My two brothers with DS from Ukraine had just come home and I was determined that Thad would, too! For so long I prayed for him, but I thought time ran out. Then today I saw that YOU will be his mama! I was SO excited! I ran into Mom's room and told her. God has answered my prayers. Thank you SO much for answering His call by bringing Thad home, I just knew God had a family for him! I can't wait to read more!
    My blog is: therighttorefuse.blogspot.com

    1. Mattie, I've followed you all the whole time you brought your brother's home. :) So thankful for your prayers for Thad/Matthew. He is already dearly loved here and will know very soon. Please pray hard for him as this trip will be very hard for him and he is in such dire condition. We can't wait to get him home and find out what can be done to get him relief for the contractures and start his road to healing. We are so thankful for your mom sharing our story too. <3