Thursday, March 28, 2013

Get Ready!

Ok, there will be a Giveaway with some pretty cool prizes starting here VERY soon!!  I have to finish a quilt for the Hidden Treasures Auction that will be helping us HERE.  After I get it finished, then I will get the Giveaway up and running.  I wanted to give you another little update as promised, but wow paperwork, fundraising, and 18 kids sure did keep me busy.  So here is an update that you can "see" with your own eyes.

If you remember, Nicholas came to us very "monkey" like.  He was in a horrible institution.  He was sweet, but had not had any socialization.

Tuesday, I took Nicholas to Kroger with me all on his own.  He had never gone on a real grocery shopping trip with me and I figured I'd get a few necessities and get him a candy bar for a treat and then exit.  He'd already been to the doctor's office  and done very well, but had to be redirected from his "edge of the seat" "jump and run" stance a lot.

WELL, Nicholas did wonderful in Kroger.  We filled the WHOLE CART!!  I reached him things and he put them in.  You would have never known that he was so food obsessed and had lived in such deprivation!!!!!  I was and AM so proud!  He didn't even obsess or notice the candy bar I was getting him at checkout and then got it after being buckled into the van.  He still had most of it left when we got home (about 5 minute drive but still a BIG deal!).  That means he didn't STUFF it!

So here is Nicholas's picture from the day after we picked him up.  He seriously rocked so much on day 1 that we couldn't get one that wasn't blurry.

Now here is Nicholas's most recent snap shot.  This is not from the shopping trip.  He was doing so well that I wasn't taking chances with throwing him off!  lol


Ok, stay tuned for big things!!


  1. Wow..what a difference! That's amazing! Thank you for sharing!
    With Love,
    The Winslow Family

  2. He's looking SO great!!! Thanks for the update!