Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hidden Treasures!!

The Hidden Treasures Auction will end tonight!!!  Go check it out before it is all over.  CLICK HERE TO GO VISIT THEM!   Make sure to look for the quilt that I made and the Princess dress that I made that Anita is modelling for the auction!!  My grandmother also made two quilts to help bring home her newest great grandchildren!!  She started making quilts just so she could help bring them home, so go check it out.  There is awesome jewelry, great gift cards, and lots of great items on there!! 

Don't forget to look at the giveaway we have going on right now on here!!  You can click HERE to see that and read about Mulligan Stew!  You should go check out that blog to see pictures of Keith meeting Julia.  We were in town for the girls' cardiologist.  Aleshia and Keith that she has pictures of on there were both from our last adoption.  Julianne was from a different adoption and was adopted from US foster care.  She was our first with Down Syndrome and is the one who made us start looking around and find the 5 Bulgarian Blessings that you all came to love so dearly!  Go look HERE at pictures!  Check out the giveaway while you are at it there too!!!

So here are some treasures for you to see from Easter morning.  These are the youngest 5 girls.  :)

Julianne is 6
Aleshia is 6!

Anita is 7!
 Ahnja is 11 now and Destiny will be 10 next month!

I recently gave you an update on Nicholas.  Keith will have an update all of his own.  It is impossible to show you how much he has grown with just one picture and he is in motion so much that most of his pictures have at least one part blurry!  lol 


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful children, as usual. I think you have to SEE Keith to believe him! Holding him when I met you guys it really hit me how this was the same little tiny 'baby' I watched come home in pictures last summer, and how completely insane that seemed!

    Oh, and PS, you forgot the link in this sentence: "Don't forget to look at the giveaway we have going on right now on here!! You can click HERE to see that and read about Mulligan Stew! " ;)

    God Bless and can't wait to see what God does for your family with all these exciting auctions and giveaways! So many beautiful and exciting items!

  2. So fun to see your little ones grow. It is amazing to see Keith's transformation. I see you were at the Home School Convention. My brother and sister-in-law were there as well.