Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keith Update

Ok, trying to get updates in before more paperwork starts.  lol  The dossier is there and translated which means I breathe a sigh of relief and wait for the next paperwork to begin.  In the meantime I want to show you some amazing pictures of the kids.  I'm unsure as to why I can't get videos to load on here.  :(  I can upload a whole bunch of pictures though!  :)

Remember Keith?

First off, you need to know that Keith isn't a little baby any more.
He weighs 29.4 pounds and is sleeping in the bottom bunk.
This picture was from his first time trying it out and Dayton was sitting in it with him
just to make sure he was ok withit, but he's a big boy and he thought it was GREAT!

He's a big boy who likes to sit on the trampoline while his big brother bounces too!
(I wish you could see him laughing, but the pictures are just a blur so we had to settle for the "after")

His big sister Julianne taught him how to sit like a big boy in the doctor's office!

 Thankfully they both have cute hands.
The prefer to look at those cute hands over the books or toys that I would bring!
If my hands were that cute, I'd do the same thing though I guess!
He had a check up on World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st!),
so he wore his "Chromosomally Enhanced" shirt!

He made the shirt look REALLY good!

He knew it too!

He got a hair cut just before Easter.
He does NOT like his hair cut,
so when we cut it we do it pretty short so we don't have to do it again for a while!

Keith wore many size 3 to 6 size month outfits
and a few size 6 to 9 month outfits
when I picked him up in July '12.
He turned 6 April 1st!
He went to the store with me to buy size 3T jeans
which fit him WELL!
Got some Elmo balloons while we were there.
We had a huge Elmo glow party, but the pictures aren't on the computer yet.

I'm hoping to travel in May back to where Keith came from to visit Matthew, Johnathan, and Charity for the first time.  You can go read more about them HERE .  That will be trip #1 and then a few months later I will travel back to get them and bring the home where they too can learn about love and family.  They too will have the chance to grow and thrive. You can click HERE to go to see the giveaway we have going on right now and be a part of the people that God is using to bring them home.  We have some great dvds, books, and a $100 giftcard up for grabs, plus you can be a part of the Mulligan Stew too!

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