Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ok, the VERBAL REFERRAL was given yesterday.  The meeting ran until after business hours there so we didn't get word until today.  We had expected that meeting last week, but it was postponed until yesterday.  I must say that sleep didn't happen so much last night.  The seven hour time difference meant that I stayed up much of the night (more than normal if you know me!) looking "just in case" word came. 

For those not familiar with the adoption process or how it works in our specific country, that means that our children's country has received our dossier and reviewed it in the formal meeting. They have determined that it is completed and acceptable. They have determined that we can travel to meet the children! Now we need the main person who was in that meeting to "sign" the paper which could come at any time. That is called a "written referral". Once that happens then our attorney will give us an official travel date to leave!!! Praising God for one more step in that direction!!

Now, I need to get the drawing done for the giveaway.  There are lots of entries and I don't want to mess it up.  I will get the winners names up very soon.  It may be late tomorrow night before they get up though.  If I did them right now in my sleep deprived state I fear I would do something wrong.  Check back late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  I often do things after the kids are in bed! 

Thank all of you for your prayers!!  Please continue to pray that the signature comes soon.  There is a letter stating that Matthew's medical situation is very urgent and we are praying that the signature is expedited as a result! 

If you'd like to help us continue to work toward being funded you can go to the ipad fundraiser our friend is hosting on her blog HERE

Keep praying for Matthew, Johnathan, and Charity! 

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