Friday, August 9, 2013

Trip to Meet the Three Part 3: Johnathan the Planned Meeting

When Johnathan made his entrance, he really MADE it.  lol  He had gone outside and was NOT happy to be made to come back inside.  He shrieked and was quite loud.  He has NO trouble at all expressing when he is happy or sad. 

He is such a cute little guy.  He was almost 7 and has since turned 7 years old and is a very small little guy for his age.  He is probably more the size of a 3 or 4 year old.  You can tell that he had years of sensory deprivation, because he likes to slap your skin just to hear the sound of it.  Every time they brought him up the steps to the visitation room, he made as much noise as possible to hear the echo.  He wants to bang things and sling things. 

When I asked his "teacher" and his Baba about what they thought would be best to occupy him on the trip home they both expressed it should be nothing hard or heavy because he is going to throw whatever he is given.  That is just his way right now.  It isn't because he is a bad kid.  It is just because he has never been taught different.  He went from spending his life all in a crib during the "old days" in the orphanage to being one of the lucky children to be living in the part of the orphanage that is set up in more of a home style.  "No" isn't something that he has been taught to understand though!

He has hydrocephalus.  His head got MUCH too large before the shunt was put in sometime in 2011.  His head is still quite large and I fear his shunt may not be fully operational.  Heads do not reduce in size after they grow, but a child does begin to grow into their head. . . I'm not sure that his head has stopped growing but we will find out once home.  When I asked about when he last had an MRI to check it, I was informed that it was permanent and therefore there was no need to check it.  Once he is home we will be heading to a neurologist very soon to get it checked.  We have a son with hydrocephalus and know that in the US, shunts are checked yearly at least!

So here are some pictures of Johnathan!

Now here is me trying to take his shirt off to try on the new clothes I brought. . . You can tell by my face that I was shocked.  I determined that they must dress him from the bottom up!  There is NO WAY that shirt comes over that head!  I just left the shirt on and went ahead and put the shirt I brought over it.  I will be bringing shirts with plenty big neck holes! 

Yes, I miss this little guy!
I'd love to hear him say "Meow!" right about now!
Good news!  Denzell's finger prints are done, new I800A is issued, and I800 has left our worker's desk and is in her supervisor's box!  Super blessed that things are moving quickly again now!
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