Thursday, August 1, 2013

So much to UPDATE and so little TIME

So much has been going on here.  I have been on trip #1.  Those of you who follow the Facebook page know that, because it is SO much easier to post a quick update on there than it is to write a blog post.  I am going to try to do an update on that soon.  It is also just past the one year anniversary of the 5 kids coming home.  I need to do a full update on that too!! 

So much to do and so little time.  Aleshia is due to have her open heart surgery on August 15th.  She will have neurological testing on August 14th to see how much brain damage really occurred during the one that she had done before we adopted her and brought her to the US.  She was going to have it done sooner, but there were insurance issues to clear up and things that had to occur.  So things are SO busy.

Today I want to give you a little update on the 5 that already came home.  Here is Keith's one year home side by side comparison! 


He went from wearing size 3 to 6 months clothes to 36 inches tall and wearing 3T size clothes!
He went from less than 12lbs to weighing 32lbs!
He went from not being able to hold his head up to cruising the furniture!

We have lots of fundraising going on to get to our other three kids.  I will post more about that later and you hurry and get to the post just below this before Saturday, August 3rd is over then you can still order those amazing shirts!  I will be closing that up and turning in those orders after that date. 

You can also shop on my Usborne page to support our adoption by clicking HERE

You can shop for great dvds and help your family learn more at the Bible while supporting our adoption HERE

We also have a fundraiser running on Indiegogo right now where you can help us raise the funds needed for the pickup trip for the kids.  Click HERE to go there.  You can read more about each of the three kids there.  I will update on my trip to meet them here very soon!  I just have to catch my breath and have a moment to spare.  I just finished up an auction of Facebook and have a ton of stuff to mail out.  Not to mention that little boy you see above is ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!!  Believe me though, I'm not complaining.  I'd give anything if Matthew, Johnathan, and Charity were here and into everything instead of stuck in cribs across the ocean!  Please please pray for them while they wait.  Please especially pray for Matthew.  Leaving him was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and he is in need of coming home SO very badly.

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  1. I love the comparison in the car seat pics! Since I 'do' car seats that makes it so obvious to me how much he has grown... I gauge kids' growth based on car seats all the time... and Keith has just grown leaps and bounds!