Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trip to Meet the Three Part 2: Meeting Charity

I've decided to not go through day by day as I just don't think I can relive each moment.  I'm aching to hold them so very badly.  This is pure torture having to hold them and then leave them there.  It honestly feels like the biggest parenting FAIL in the world. 

I'm going to go child by child and then maybe a post or two that tell other things about them all three.  It may be scatter brained, because when I start to think about it all I feel scatter brained.  I just want them safe and home and in my arms. 

As soon as I went into the visitation play area, there was CHARITY!  She was sitting in the bottom of the play structure on the mat.  She was not at all what I had expected at throughout the week she just continued to change. 

I was told that she was the size of an 8 month old and that she was unresponsive and didn't like to be bothered.  It said she could be aggressive and was very autistic.  Her report had made me SO MAD because it said that stimulation wouldn't help because of her Autism and as the mother of several children on all aspects of the very broad Autism spectrum, I knew that was NOT true. 
I arrived to find a little girl who now had a Baba and had grown considerably.  She was interactive and warmed up to me very well.  She can be quite snuggly once she realizes that she is loved!!  She loved being loved and she was thriving by the end of that week!!!  She loves music and is very smart.  Once home, she will be a whole other child in a very short period of time.  She is SO close to walking and really just needs to gain strength and have a lot of opportunity.  Her Autism is going to be so minor once she is exposed to the world!! 

She has some medical concerns that we didn't initially know about and we'll address as soon as she is home.  She has a cyst in her brain that is hopefully no big deal, but we just can't know until we get it checked out.  She also has a "mega colon", which we will need to figure out once she is home as well. 

She is very quirky.  She only eats "white" foods.  She has had the staff there trying to trick her by holding the bowl above her head.  I can't help that I love the quirkiness of Autism.  We'll conquer the food part and get her eating a fully nutritious diet once she is home though. 

She is also one VERY smart cookie!!  She loved to play with my iphone and listen to songs on it.  She is so STUBBORN (I appreciate and relate to this quality as well lol).  She very quickly learned how to get from the "songs" to other apps.  On my way home from one of the visits I got a call from a friend from church.  She had gotten calls from my phone!  My tiny princess had made international calls while scrolling!!  I caught her at once point and tried to get it turned off, but evidently not fast enough.  lol    The next visit she wanted to do the same and was not happy when I wouldn't let her get to other apps.  I called "Daddy" even though it was in the middle of his night.  He was very pleased to get to say "Hi" to her, but she was only pleased for a moment and then she wanted control of the iphone again.  We ended up having to lock it into ipod mode for her.  She was NOT pleased. . .

When I say she is smart I'm not kidding!

Please pray for her.  Pray for her health while she waits.  Pray for her and how hard the trip home will be for her.  Travel will be very out of routine for her, but once home she is going to THRIVE!!! 

If you'd like to help her and our other two children get home, there are links on the right side that take you to fundraisers.  We will also have a GIVEAWAY starting on here soon that while run while our daughter Aleshia is in the hospital for her open heart surgery, so stay tuned for that as well. 


  1. Megacolon can be a result of C. Diff bacterial infection. Does she happen to have explosive bowel movements? LOL, nothing is TMI when kids are concerned. C. Diff and other bacteria are common in foreign countries, and especially institutional settings like orphanages. If she's had it at any point that could be the cause. It can be toxic but if it isn't yet that's good. There are a few things they can do for it, but you don't want me to describe them, the word 'gross' comes to mind ;)

  2. She is such a sweetie! WOW! I am praying for her and you guys! thanks for sharing your visit with her, I cant wait to see her at home thriving in her new loving environment! <3

  3. What a character! And so cute!