Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well tomorrow should mean that our "mailed" application will arrive at Reece's Rainbow (we sent it the fastest possible method lol).  Along with it is our application fee for setting us up on their website and a love offering. 

Tomorrow we will be having our first visit from our worker to get this homestudy going for the international adoption and also to update our domestic homestudy for our foster care adoption (still waiting on "C" to get home or even for some news on him).  I still need to draw out the fire evacuation routes tonight.  I really don't like to do those floor plans because they confuse me.  We have a 10 bedroom house now, and since the addition of the three bedrooms and multiple other rooms I can't even imagine how much more confusing it will be. 

I'm hoping that I will get a call or two from whomever I need to to speak with at About A Child.  I need to speak with two different people there to be on our way to being accepted with their agency as well.  I have no idea whatsoever as to what is coming next with that.  This process is so very different.

I do ask that ,for the few people who know about this blog and might be reading, you please pray for Paula, Ahnja, and Nicholas.  I have no idea what their "tomorrow" may be like.  I do pray that this process goes speedy quick so we can get them home into a place of love and safety.  Please especially pray for Paula.  She is in a mental institution.  At age 4, upon last report, she was smaller than Julianne by a little bit.  I can't imagine Julianne there and it breaks my heart to think of what Paula could be enduring right this very minute.  Pray that God will put His arms around them and bring them into my arms soon. 

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