Saturday, January 22, 2011


The fire inspector just left!  I had a horrible time getting in touch with him, but after we did he came out very quickly.  We have our form to give to the agency that shows we have been approved by the fire inspector.  Not much to do for the homestudy now! 

We have some more doctor's visits over the next week or so.  Those forms should be filled out completely before February hits!  Very glad about that.  :)

Our social worker has come for two visits already.  She has all the info at this point.  She will make her last visit this week.  She can finish our safety audit at that visit.  She couldn't sign off on the safety audit until we had the fire inspection.  She is working on writing up the homestudy now, so it should be done soon.  So excited to be almost done with our home study.

I also talked to the lady at About A Child yesterday.  She is approving our application with the homestudy.  We should have our commitment money for the agency and the country in the mail this time next week along with the paperwork that goes with it.  We still have a very long way to go, but at least we are moving forward!

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  1. your blog is great! I hope you can I hope you can bring your sweeties home soon!

    We are hoping to adopt two soon! Could you e-mail me?