Monday, March 25, 2013

Dossier will head over soon!

Yes, we have been working hard to get things ready to send over.  Because of our large family size there are always extra hoops to jump through.  We understand and expect them at this point.  So we had to jump through some extra hoops and we have jumped through them successfully.  Right now most of our dossier is already in the country that our children are in.  A few of the last documents will leave as soon as we can send them. The copy of our USCIS approval is on its way to our state's capital to get apostilled right now, so as soon as that comes back, then the last of it will be on its way!

Please pray that things move quickly.  We need to get these kids home quickly.  Matthew especially is in very bad shape.  He is 9 years old and only 18lbs.  He is atrophied badly and his contractures are severe.  He has to be in pain and they have no way to get him the treatment and care he needs. 

Aleshia (just came home in July) will be having her heart repaired June 6th tentatively, so we were really hoping to manage trip #1 before that surgery. . . PRAY!

We've been busy hurrying with paperwork, fundraising, and daily life.  I haven't gotten the full updates on the kids, but I thought this would give you an idea as to an update on how well the kids are doing!  This was done in February!!  That is Keith with the same brother (who is typically growing) the day after he came home and then 6 1/2 months later!!!  Keith is in Mega growth and is in Mega development.  He is taking steps and cruising the furniture.  He is CLIMBING TOO! lol

We can't wait to see the next three home and thriving. 
We are updating Facebook much more often and have fundraisers running on there much of the time.  You can visit us on Facebook at:!/ThreeMoreForTheUnroesChristmasAuction  (I started a "Christmas Auction" and it has so many likes that it won't let me change its name!  I guess we'll just keep remembering that by next Christmas they will be home!)
I will be putting up some special incentives there and I'll put them here soon, because the Mulligan Stew has started back up and they are graciously helping us again!!!  We'll have some cool stuff going on here too soon!!  Right now I have two children who have doctor's appointments, so stay tuned!


  1. Amazing to see the progress! I'm praying you get the first trip done in good timing.

  2. So neat to see him growing and learning. He came home when my little guy (bio, nt) was 2 months old... and they are developing pretty similarly but for the most part Keith is ahead of him :) I have pulling up but no cruising.

    -Jessi Cooper

  3. I have an adoption fundraising idea I'd like to share with you. Could you email me at


    Matthew Lee