Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Difference Love Makes

Well, all of the children are continuing to do VERY well.  I really am going to try to have a full update on here the first part of the week on everyone.  We've been very busy watching the Olympics.  We got some glimpses of Bulgarian athletes that we could root for and of course were rooting for the USA.  That meant popcorn, candy bars, and other snacks were in full force - much to the delight of our newest family members!!!

Keith has grown so very much already!!!  He weighed 18 pounds at the doctors appointment that we went to on Thursday, which meant he had gained another 2 1/2 pounds in the 2 weeks since he was weighed on those exact scales!  Our scales weigh him 2 lbs heavier (what we weighed him on before one of my other updates) and he weighs in at 20lbs on those scales.  *This means that I like his weight on our scales and I like my weight on the doctor's scales!!!  hahaha*

Watch this video and see one of his favorite things to do!

Yes, my sweet boy LOVES to laugh!
He laughs around his bottles.
He looks up when he is in his seat just waiting for a few tickles to get him going!

There are two special children still waiting in the horrible place that Keith came from.
Many of the children have families coming for them, 
BUT these TWO still wait
and their time is limited
because their files will be going back soon!
They have nothing to laugh about.
No Mommy on the way.
Unless someone steps out in faith 
and allows God to use them.

She is 12 years old and only weighs 21 pounds.  
She still takes a bottle and has never had even a small chance.

He is 8 years old and only weighs 17 pounds.
In May 2012, after treatment through the medical fund, he was diagnosed with severe malnutrition. He has been placed on a specific feeding regimen to address this issue. He is currently almost 8 years old and weighs just 17 pounds. He has also received lens implants to fix his cataracts. He has spent the majority of his life in a crib. He shows an interest in what is going on around him and enjoys attention. He needs a family that will help him to reach his true potential.

These two children's files are only with the agency for a short while.  
Their time on Reece's Rainbow is short lived.
They need YOU!
What can you do?
Share this post?
Pray for their safety and that God sends a family to them?
Adopt Payton?
Adopt Penny?
Prepare a homestudy to bring home another waiting child?
Donate to help another child come home 
(neither has a donate button because their files will go back soon)?
Ask God what He wants you to do!!!!
He wants you to do something!!

That is Keith's laughter.
Dayton was trying to film him last night laughing, 
but Keith kept crawling into his lap . . . 
which put him up too close.

Imagine this laughter though . . . 
coming from your living room . . . 
where Penny
or Payton
are learning of love 
and family. . . 

I can't adequately describe the joy that it brings 
to me as a Mommy
but I promise that if you experienced it
then you would want to share it.

You'd want more Mommies 
to know the joy of hearing a child
who spent their lives imprisoned 
behind the bars of a crib

You'd want to get every child out of 
and all the places like it.


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  1. I have also been pushing for Payton and Penny.I met them both there - spent some time with Penny in the first floor playroom when she was with a volunteer from England. The volunteer confirmed it was "Penny - from Reece's Rainbow". She was amazing. They both were. I pray their mothers find them soon.