Monday, August 27, 2012

One Month Update for Anita and her Pick up Pictures and video

Ok, this is late of course, but you're still getting it.  lol

Anita was the first child that we picked up on July 17th.  As we pulled up to the gate I could see children outside playing.  There was this gorgeous little boy that was showing his strength for getting out and I immediately noticed that he was a little boy that a friend is adopting.  I was not expecting to see Anita right off and I was wanting to be sure I could tell his Mama about him, so my attention was on him.  THEN THERE SHE WAS!!!
Right outside!  She knew she was suppose to be "going" somewhere and she was ready.  She was NOT happy when we had to go back into the building.  Then I got to see her mad side as the caregivers made her go back inside while we all did paperwork.  She screamed the entire time that we did paperwork just about.

The videos are loud, but here is one where she is at her calmest besides when we were finally "out" of that gate that held here inside the orphanage.  Once in the van she calmed down nicely, because she was "going" like she was suppose to.

Here is Anita now!
(If you are wondering, Dayton is telling Julianne that they don't want to see 
whatever is on tv that she keeps turning back on.  lol)

Anita and Julianne are hysterical together!
They have a blast!

She was said to be nonverbal. 
She is already saying words and even a phrase or two.
She only says them when you don't try to get her to.
(Go figure with that "extra" stubbornness)
She's said "I love you" a few times.
Goodnight has happened twice.
Today she said "Go, Go, Go" 
with the hand motion she did in the video above.
She is quite the mimic and that is what I say 
when I shew her out of the kitchen when I'm getting things out of the oven 
or when I need a moment along to actually go pee 
or change clothes.  lol
She is VERY animated.  
She will mimic any motion.
Sometimes you can tell by her movements and the way she holds her mouth
that she is mimicking the way the caretakers in the orphanage
talked and motioned when they taught her to do something
like put on her shirt
or eat her food
or anything.
She keeps us laughing!


  1. she is beautiful! loved see the updates!

  2. She is a Princess and I am so happy that they are all doing so well it fills my heart with joy.