Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Check These Out

There are some really neat auctions going on right now that would allow you to do some great shopping (maybe Christmas shopping even, since I have started and auctions are great for that!) and help children come home to families!

Here are just a few to go check out:

This is for the Matthews family.  They are adopting Christina, who use to be in the same place as our Keith.  She has been transferred now, but spent way too many years there!  This auction ends on Friday the 10th of August, so hurry!
Click here for their Auction!

The Cole family is bringing home two beautiful girls who have waited way too long.  Lots of beautiful bows to bid on and lots of great prices too!
Click Here for the BOWS Auction!

The Rosencrant's are adopting 2 beautiful girls with some big medical needs from the horrible place our Keith was in.  They have a Scentsy fundraiser going on that you could purchase from to help their family get those wonderful girls home for the love and medical attention that they need so badly.
Click here to go buy some Scentsy!

The Pickett Family is in the process of bringing home two wonderful children as well!  They have a great auction going on HERE!

The Van Nice Family are bringing home two beautiful children.  We met the little boy at our Anita's orphanage and he really wanted to come out of there.  I think he knows Mama is coming back for him soon!  Help them out and buy some great stuff at their Auction Here!

The Rogers Family is in country right now and visiting with their wonderful blessings.  They are adopting two older children and just recently had brought kids home.  God called them to turn right back around and they did!  Go check out this Auction to benefit their family!

There are lots more families fundraising and believe me that is a wonderful way to help change the lives of children and families.  It reduces the stress that these families feel financially, but is also such a huge encouragement to them!!!

More updates on our children will be coming soon.  I need to find a hand to take more pictures!!!  lol

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  1. I've been planning to Christmas shop via auction and am encouraging everyone I know to do the same. It's a great idea :) Totally win-win. And a gift to Jesus, who is the Reason for the Season, as we help Him care for the fatherless :)