Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Medical Appointment

I went to my 2nd medical appointment yesterday.  All the tests came back fine (of course) and the doctor did sign off on my medical statement for Eastern Europe.  Brent goes for his 2nd appointment on Tuesday, so that should be the date for checking off that requirement. 

Praying that USCIS moves quickly.  I hate thinking of where they are right now.  I can't wait to bring them home where they are safe and loved. 

The kids talk about all the things they want to help their new siblings to do.  Dayton talks a lot about "Paula" and how he wants to help her learn to do the simplest things that she can't do yet. 

My heart hurts for each of them.  I pray daily that God will give them food to eat, a hug from someone, keep them safe, and give them something inside that tells them to hold on because help and love are on the way.  Pray that all moves quickly!

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