Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Got Our Finger Printing Done!

We went Monday to get our fingerprinting done for the USCIS.  Our appointment wasn't until June 10th.  We drove over 3 hours on Monday morning.  We took all 12 children with us.  We prayed that they would do them early.  I even prayed that the people working would wake up in a good mood and have a good day prior to our arrival!  lol

They did all 4 of our fingerprints very quickly.  They were very nice and complimented us on how well all of the children were behaving.  I was very proud of my kids.  They sat quietly and patiently.  You'd have never known that there were 12 kids in there. 

When we got done we took all the children to a different city about and hour and forty-five minutes away from there.  We went to the zoo and had lots of fun.  We will be going back to that zoo when Cody gets home. 

Our ride home was a little rough.  We got stuck (heading the wrong way) in rush hour traffic.  We then got very confused by Brent's gps while trying to find a Sonic to eat at.  We ordered our food and got to hear the tornado sirens go off.  We waited out the tornado warning and started home.  We got home close to midnight!  I am exhausted and heading to bed. 

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