Saturday, December 8, 2012

Small Update

Just thought I'd give a small update.  As of today, our homestudy is being reviewed by our international agency to see if any corrections need made.  After that it will be officially printed and sent to them for the Hague certificate that we need.  Then it will go to USCIS.  All that happens rather quickly, up until USCIS.  That often takes a couple months.  Please pray that someone gets it who moves it through quickly!

We just finished up a quick auction on Facebook and I will be busy mailing things out.  The auctions have been a huge help with getting together those beginning funds.  Adoption is expensive and we just finished the last one just months ago, so the auctions have really helped us to keep moving forward funds wise.

Our social worker just finished up our first post placement visit.  That is being reviewed now.  It is AMAZING how much the children have changed.  I should have new pictures to share soon too.  We just had Christmas pictures done that I will send with our post placement report. I may be a little partial, but my kids were sure adorable dressed up in their Christmas clothes!  Hope to show you soon!

Here are a couple little boys who are waiting in the same place that Thad, Carson, and Presley are waiting.  These two still need families!



Both of these boys need families so badly.  You can click on their names to learn more about them.  Reece's Rainbow has more info on them or you can email Shelley at

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