Friday, November 16, 2012

Update and Adoption Auction

Sorry I haven't been on much.  Things have been a little busy and when they are the updating here is the first thing to get left out.

Keith has had an infection in his sinuses and ears ever since I picked him up.  He's had antibiotics almost constantly and even tried antibiotic shots.  We've been to ENTs that were afraid to do anything because of his size, but who said that he wouldn't get better without surgery to put in ear tubes and remove his tonsils and adnoids.  A couple weeks ago the infection got too bad while we were waiting to go to a new ENT that upcoming Monday and he ended up in PICU.  He'd only been off of antibiotics for about 5 days!!  Thursday at an appointment with our primary care provider his lungs were clear and Saturday he had pneumonia.

The pneumonia ended up being a lot less scary than watching his response to being in a PICU room in a crib with people in scrubs.  :(  I can't even describe to you what it is like to see your baby that scared.  I found that his stress and fear was much reduced if I was in the crib (they should make those things bigger!) with him, so for 3 nights this Mama slept in a crib at the hospital.  I came home one time for a shower and not until Daddy and Dayton were there with him!  Dayton stayed over there during the days, bc we didn't want him to feel like he was in an "isolation room" again.  I held the breathing treatment mask, bc the scrubs scared him that the hospital staff wore.  Crazy how we never think about those connections and how they must be woven in their brains until you see the terror on their sweet little faces!  Children don't belong in places like that.  They need medical care, love, and comfort.  Cribs should never bring fear into a child's eyes!  Here at home, he is never in the crib except at night.  Not even naps are in the crib!  He spent far too long in a crib and I won't have him in one unless it is necessary.  I usually get him to sleep before I even put him in it.

I will say that we had a not good experience with one of the PICU doctors.  Keith (and Dayton) got to see what happens when someone messes with Mama Bears little cub.  Any time what happens comes up and I tell someone the story, Keith laughs hysterically.  He might look little, but he is FIVE year old in there and he fully appreciated the wrath of Mama coming down on the doctor who wasn't doing it right!  lol

The picture above is of him heading home from the hospital.  He's home and doing wonderful again now.  We went to a new ENT this past Monday and he will be having the surgery he needs this coming Wednesday.  Yes, the day before Thanksgiving.  Not the best time to not be feeling well.  Our hope is that he will not be hospitalized for this one, but if he is then we will have Thanksgiving whenever he gets out.  He needs this done so that he can get healthy and that is the first available appointment.  He will NOT be off of antibiotics at all until after the surgery.  Please pray that the surgery goes very well and he heals up perfectly!

This picture is how happy Keith was even at the doctor's office when the "people in scrubs" (AKA nurses) left the room!  Love that smile and so blessed to get to be his Mama!

We also went on a Wednesday night to speak at a large church locally about adoption.  Our kids do great at church usually.  Nicholas got out of the van and immediately freaked out.  The church was a large brick building just like his institution.  :(  It took him a very long to calm down and a lot of reassurance and time to feel safe.  He was loud and afraid.  It was pitiful to watch.  He was terrified that he was "going back".  At home, and in places that he has been and knows, he is a very comfortable acting little guy.  You put him in a place that looks like it could be an institution and in the dark and he is still frightened.  He will get better the rest of the way.  You'd already not recognize him as the little boy that I picked up!  He just has to keep experiencing that even places that look like that will never separate him from the love of his family and whatever was scary behind those walls, will never bother him again.

I just won't apologize for Nicholas's noise the other night either.  That is exactly why Christians need to get off their butts and go adopt children.  Children should NOT be in institutions.  They should NOT be in foster care.  They should NOT be in orphanages.  CHRISTIANS should be DOING what GOD SAID and then children would be loved and cared for.  The Bible says that what we do unto the least of these we do unto Him, so that means we are leaving Him to waste away, be afraid and alone, and feel unloved and forgotten . . . to the point that scrubs, brick buildings, and cribs are all scary things.  No child should live that way.  I dare to say that it isn't the fault of the governments. . . yes that probably isn't a popular belief.  Governments are not the ones commanded by God to take care of the "orphans".  God told US, His adopted children, to take care of them.  Is it expensive?  YES  Is it difficult?  YES  Do you end up in uncomfortable situations (like a crib)?  YES  Will you get your hands dirty?  YES    BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE SECOND AND THE REWARD FAR OUTWEIGH THE COSTS!!  That is the truth of it.  God said to do it and no matter how uncomfortable it makes people, that is what we are suppose to do.  LOVE THEM LIKE HE LOVED US!

We do have a Facebook Auction going on right now.  It will help with the fees to bring home the next 3 Unroes!  Lots of wonderful Christmas presents are available to purchase at great prices!!  We've had some wonderful donations so go check it out!  Three More For the Unroes Christmas Auction


  1. Oh Amanda, thank you for your words! I have been told by my mother and one of my best friends that they just don't see why it's such a bad thing for these kids to die...because then they get to go back to Jesus. While yes, this is true, it is sad for those who sat idly by and did nothing to ease their suffering. Sometimes these kids still die, even after being adopted, but to not leave them to die LIKE THAT is just unconscionable.

  2. I never have been able to understand that kind of thinking. What about all the suffering alone? What about the hunger? What about the pain? What about the ones who live into adulthood and then sit in institutions? Yes, the ones who die young are probably a lot luckier than the ones who suffer at the edge of starvation for years and years on end.

    I think people use that kind of thinking to exempt them from feeling it and doing anything about it. No one who claims Christ should be trying to act like it is ok to do nothing, yet so very many do. . . I just wonder how that line of thinking plans for the moment that we all stand before Christ and give account??

  3. Amen! I love your words Amanda. Thank you for boldly speaking out.
    My heart aches for Keith & Nicholas having those times of fear. You're right--NO child should have that.
    God's richest blessings on you & your precious family.

  4. I see God all through your family. I am so lucky to be able to call you a friend. I'm people.following what God has commanded. I believe Keith and Nicholas will get through their past because they have you for a mother!