Friday, September 14, 2012

Why I've Been So Quiet . . . Are you Ready?

I'm sorry I haven't gotten Nicholas's update post up.  I'll try to get that up soon.  I've been a little busy though.  You're thinking "Busy, with 18 kids".  lol  The kids are doing WONDERFUL and things here are running very smoothly.  Our new homeschool year has kicked off well and our Homeschool Co-Op is back in session every other Friday.  All is well and wonderful!  (I even have new family pictures to share with you soon and a picture of all 5 of our little Bulgarian/Americans together!)

We've been busy with PAPERWORK!

Brent knew when he was at Keith's place for trip #1, that God would be sending us back there.  We didn't know "when".  We figured it would take a while to settle these in.  God fixed that though and they settled in easier we could have ever imagined.  They are wonderful, amazing, thriving, and joyful!!!  Laughter and Bulgarian words ring through the house.  We all often use the words for "Yes", "No", "Wait", "Stop", "Dog", "Goodnight" and a few others interchangeably with the English version because we LOVE the way that it sounds.  The Bulgarian language is BEAUTIFUL!  They understand almost everything in English already and Ahnja speaks quite a bit.  Anita and Nicholas both speak a little bit of English already too.  They enjoy church, going out to eat, family movies with snacks, playing outside, and so many other things.  They all readily accept and even initiate affection.  LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!

So God has made it clear to us that we are going BACK!  Yes, we will be heading to where little Keith came from to bring home 3 additional children.  I can't say "who" yet, as we are working on the official commitment documents.  Our homestudy money has already been paid and paperwork is already in the hands of the agency.

You will notice that there is already a "Chip In" on the sidebar of this blog to allow for donations.  We also have a Facebook Auction running right now to help with the beginning costs.  We've not had much time to save up fees toward this adoption and there are fees due right off the bat.  We could just wait to save them all, but then the children wait longer.  That is not something that we want to happen, especially with the children where Keith came from.  The government has made changes to try to help correct the problems there, but with YEARS of neglect in its most severe form these children need to come home quickly where love, nutrition, opportunity, therapies, etc can help them to overcome what they have lived through.

I'll have a giveaway or two run from this blog soon as well.

Please pray as we move forward that everything moves smoothly and quickly and that God will take care of them while we work hard to bring them home!


  1. Love you guys so much! Can't wait to see the newest 3!

  2. You people are CRAZY.* Absolutely off your rockers!**

    And absolutely IN God's favor.

    Your family makes me so happy. When you say things are great, I believe you, and when you say you can care for 3 more, I believe that too! God is blessing you so overwhelmingly, and I will pray He makes the road smooth for this next adoption journey.

    *As in, crazy head over heels, all abandoned for Jesus!

    **As in, not sitting down and complacently rocking on your porches just complaining about all the bad in the world. You are up and OFF making a beautiful difference in His name!

  3. So exciting! If you guys ever need an au pair- let me know!
    in Christ,

  4. YIKES!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to see who it is!