Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do you want to SEE???

My kids are hysterical.  I was in their videoing their funniness and thought that it should be "Pay Per View".  So here's the deal,  WHEN THE CHIP IN ON THE RIGHT SIDE BAR REACHES $200 IN DONATIONS (THAT WILL HELP BRING OUR NEXT THREE KIDS HOME TO JOIN IN THE FUN) THEN I WILL POST THE VIDEO!!!!

This is what the Unroe children have decided to do instead of jumping in piles of leaves and how any chore can become fun.
Dayton left the activity when he saw the camera, but Cody and Ahnja were having a blast and some of the others couldn't decide whether to join or not!  lol

I'll keep watching so that I know when to post.  Make sure to keep popping by so you don't miss it!!!

Also, anyone who donates to the Chipin before that goal is reached will be entered to win this little wooden doll that I bought in Bulgaria!  She is so cute and she has a vial of "Rose" perfume inside which is the popular thing over there!

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  1. So cute! Oh I wish I had money to chip-in to see the video! :)