Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Officially Monday

I always look forward to Mondays with such hope.  Monday is the first day of the week that something COULD HAPPEN!  Weekends are long and I have survived another weekend of waiting.

Please pray that this is the week that we will get our USCIS paperwork sent out.  We are waiting to find out if our medicals are acceptable.  We see a Nurse Practitioner and she has always filled out our paperwork.  We are not sure at this point if the USCIS will accept the paperwork without a "doctor" filling it out.  I am praying that we get good news tomorrow and can get this paperwork on its way.  Please pray that it gets done and that we can get a notarized copy of our homestudy in the mail with the application this week.  Then we will have to pray that we can get it done approved at record speed and headed to Eastern Europe!

Also pray that we get news about our domestic foster/adoption.  Our little boy is 4 and his paperwork is stuck "somewhere" in the "system".  We've been working on his adoption for 9 months already and it is ridiculous that it is taking this long.  He should have been home months ago. 

Please continue to pray for our kids who aren't home yet.  Pray that God keeps them safe and puts a hope deep inside of them. 

I pray that I can report some good news to you soon!

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