Friday, March 11, 2011

Hurry Up . . . . . Wait!

I haven't posted in a while.  Really we are at the point where we are WAITING.  That is what most of adoption is . . . . we HURRY UP and then we WAIT.  We have waited and our homestudy is finally done with our agency (they did it pretty fast considering, but it seems like forever when you are WAITING).   They have faxed it to the people who need to review it.  Once it has been reviewed and any corrections made then we will get a notarized copy to send to USCIS.  We will HURRY to do each moment of that.  Then we will WAIT.  While we wait we will put together our dossier.  We will also BEG.  Yes, that is another big part of adoption.  I spend a lot of time begging.  I beg for people to HURRY, but instead I just WAIT.  I should be good at waiting by now.  I really should, but I'm not.  I wonder, ponder, worry, and beg.  I am looking forward to that WAIT though, because that is one WAIT closer to the next HURRY UP.  lol

So if you see me somewhere in the real world and I look crazy, don't worry.  Just WAIT for the time when my life will calm down and I will just have more kids.  :)  I can always take the "more kids", it is just the WAITing that kills me. 

Please pray that each WAIT will be short and we can do more HURRY UP.  I really need to get my babies home.  I wonder what each of them are doing.  I know they are awake there.  I pray that someone will hug them today.  I so wish I could do it myself.  Right now I just have to trust that God is holding them for me and pray that Paula holds on. 

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