Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reality Show?

I was just telling my husband that I think they should do a reality show here as we are trying to do two adoptions (5 kids total) at once.  Here's how it would go:

Episode 1:  They introduce the family and how it came to be.  Then they say as far as the adoptions - "waiting"!

Episode 2:  Tell a little about what is happening in our family that our children who are waiting are missing and then explain - "Still Waiting".

Episode 3:  Same theme as above, but different thing they are missing.

Episode 4:  Same theme as above, but different thing they are missing.

Episode 5:  Amanda has a tantrum, because there is still no news.

Episode 6:  Amanda sobs endlessly while imagining her children stuck in mental insitutions in Eastern Europe.  She also receives word that Cody is asking about coming to "Hio" and eating with Dayton at every meal, so she sobs more. 

Do you see where this would end up?  Maybe the rest of society would see how horrific the process is made to be by our government.  I mean, I wish I could say that any of the hold ups were Eastern Europe.  They aren't!  They are our government (which thankfully didn't "shut down" as I'm not sure how much slower I could survive) that keeps making all the processes more difficult. 

Episode 7:  Amanda talks about how our government's foster care system is so messed up that the children from Eastern Europe are going to arrive in less time than it took to get Cody home from Texas.  She then discusses all the things and bonding time that were missed with Cody as a result.

I wonder how many episodes it would take to get all 5 kids home???  Good grief!  Another useless weekend!


  1. Your kids are beautiful!! I cant wait for you to kids your babies home!!

  2. We are right there with you! :o(